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Born on 8 July 1984 in Thessaloniki by Konstantine and Athena.  Permanent resident of the historical center of Thessaloniki.  He grew up in a family of dentists, and was cultivated by a young man with principles and ethos.  When he was 2 years old, he acquired a brother, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos. Beyond the Greek language, he knows fluent English, Italian and Slovak.

Primary School: 43th

High School / High School: 15th

University titles:

1) Molecular Biology and Genetics AUTh.

2) Dental Surgeon DDS – M.D. Dr. Specifically, he graduated from the 15th high school in the summer of 2002 when a nationwide examinations introduced in Biology school of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, followed the direction of Genetics, Development and Molecular Biology.  He graduated in September 2006.

He gave an entrance exam at the Comenius University in Bratislava in the summer of 2007 for his introduction to the Dentistry School, where he was introduced with excellence. It followed the 6-year program of the Medical School, in the Department of Dentistry.  Duration of studies: 2007 to 2013.

Being a student of the School of Dentistry, he has taught the English terminology of the Biology of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy to the prospective students of the respective schools for the entrance exams he would give for the Comenius University.

He has participated in researches and experiments on dysplasia and genetics and dentures, with his brother, Konstantopoulos Nikolas.

Being a student of the Dental School, he has conducted a two-year experiment with his brother on “the effect of chronic liquid nutrition intake on the development of mandible, maxilla, and teeth in rats” in the field of Pathophysiology of the Medical School, with the collaboration of the Department Anatomy of the medical school, but also of the maxillofacial surgery of the dental school.  This experiment and its results presentation before a large audience, Physicians and Dentists and Medicine and Dentistry students with excellent Cretan, the «50th Medical Sciences Student Conference» which was held at Comenius University in Bratislava.  At the same time, this experiment has been published in the journal Stomatolog, issue 2-3 / 2012.

Being a student of the Dental School, he gave preference to maxillofacial and oral surgery cases, surgical cases of mouth, aesthetic and functional restorations of teeth and jaws, 5 university clinics and hospitals with whom the Dental and Medical School worked, as well as the private dentistry of some of his selected teachers Who chose him for their knowledge, abilities and morals.

Some selected seminars / workshops / conferences, of which he participated, are the following:

1. 4-5-6 / 4/2014: Annual Conference of the Stomatological Society of Northern Greece (SEVE), titled “Modern Techniques and Materials for a Predictable Result”.

2. 13/9/2014: Workshop on Oral Health and Diabetes Association, entitled “Oral Health and Diabetes Mellitus”.

3. 4/10/2014: Workshop on the topic of Maxillofacial Surgery, entitled “Pathology and Surgery of sinuses of cranial”.

4. 11/10/2014: Seminar on Aesthetic Dentistry entitled “Resin Restoration, Minimal Intervention Techniques”.

5. 18/10/2014: Implantology Day.

6. 16/11/2014: Workshop on Cancer of the Oral Cavity, titled “Dental and Doctor Training, and Information and Information for the General Population for the Early Diagnosis of Oral Cervical Cancer of tongue”.

7. 13/12/2014: Implantology Seminar, with the following sub-sections: A) Immediate implant placement, immediate temporary restoration and footprint, B) Implantation with horizontal reconstruction, C) Lifting of sinus using a piezomatometer.

8. 17/1/2015: Conference on Contemporary Endodontics, entitled “Endo Innovations – the Way to Endodontics – New Systems for Your Daily Practice”.

9. 6-7-8 / 3/2015: Annual Meeting of the Stomatological Society of Northern Greece (SEVE), entitled “Specifications for the Safety of the Dental Patient”.  In this specific three-day workshop.  He was also a member of the Conference Organizing Committee, and President-in-Office.

10. 7/3/2015: Hands on.  Use of mini-implants for denture stability, entitled “Use of micro-implants for the stability of the lower dentures”.

11. 23/5/2015: Workshop of the Stomatological Society of Northern Greece (SEVE), held in three individual mornings, with the titles Α) Contribution of Orthodontics to the overall treatment of patients with complex dental problems, Β) Adjunctive management of an elderly patient, C) Diagnostic concerns – treatment options: from the tip to the knees.

12. 4/7/2015: Workshop on the topic of Maxillofacial Surgery entitled “Head and Cough Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment”.

13. 1-2-3 / 4/2016: Annual Conference of the Stomatological Society of Northern Greece (SEVE), titled “Good results come with experience.  Experience also arises from failures. ”

14. 22/10/2016: Workshop on Implants and Prosthodontics, titled “Modern Trends in Implantology”.

He keeps constantly informed about the progress of his sciences.

He participated actively in the elections of the Dental Association of Thessaloniki for the year 2014 with the members of the DRCAT, for the Board and for the Federation.

He is a member of the Stomatological Society of Northern Greece (SEVE) and he systematically attends new seminars on his subject.

Today, he maintains with his father (colleague) and his brother (colleague) Dental Clinic “Biodent.Konstantopoulos – Oral Surgery and Aesthetic Dental Clinic” in the center of Thessaloniki, Tsimiski 38, where he also works as Dental Surgeon DDS – M.D. Dr., While combining the knowledge of Molecular Biology and Genetics.


  • Gender Male
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • Experience / Tranining Vienna, Bratislava, Thessaloniki, more than 11 years
  • Medical School Comenius university of Bratislava. Medical university of Vienna.
  • Internship
  • Residency
  • Fellowship
  • Certifications Molecular Biology and Genetics AUTh. Dental Surgeon DDS – M.D. Dr.
  • Leadership Roles
  • Aesthetic Dentistriest
  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Oral Surgery
Note: Weekends for sure open for emergencies, tourists, programmed surgeries.

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